Last few weeks LDG has been getting accessories in the mail. I’m sure my hubs is a little concerned by the amount of Amazon Boxes that have been coming. I know it will be worth it. Most of the inside has been totally redone. New seats, top, carpet, steering wheel, radio, and sound bar. After paint and decals she will be done for this season. Yay! 

Jeep Therapy 

So over the past few months we have working on making my jeep drivable. It basically had everything wrong with it. Needed to replace the carb, break system, steering, transfer case, battery, all fluids, and plugs. I can relate to feeling so broken down inside that you cannot function. You’re living, but not alive. Just parked in a yard with a tarp over you. Waiting for someone to see YOU. See your potential to be something fabulous. As a human, I started to look at my rust, cracked, broken self, and realized that I also had potential to be fabulous. The hardest part is effort. To make something fabulous, you do have to work on it. It’s not free, and it’s not easy. In fact it can be painful especially to someone who is impatient like me. I just keep looking towards my adventures, to give me the strength to move forward. Fast forward to a few months later… mechanical insides are fixed, and some of the old broken parts have been removed. Especially the huge oversized bumper. That bumper was so heavy, it weighed her down like a depression. It was the first thing to go. Then Living Dead Girl (LDG) had a bath. Already showing improvement. She has a shiny new black bumper that is more her size and style. While you work through things, yo need to make sure to take care of your insides and outsides. So go get your hair done, go for a walk, breathe in some fresh air. 

The 1987 Jeep Wrangler

I inherited a 1987 Jeep Wrangler from my parents. The poor dear has sat in the yard for over 10 years. The first step was to unpile the garbage off, and see if it ran. Thanks to the help of my bro.  We made an attempt to resserect her. We did a mini tune up, installed a new battery , spark plugs, and changed fluids.  It was amazing to hear the engine rev, until the old gas clogged the filter. Thank goodness for AAA. Towed the tough old gal to the mechanic. That was how she earned the name “Living Dead Girl”! I feel like she is going through the same transformation I am. We are partners … both becomeing new again. Full of new life and adventures.  We are not dead yet!!!!

This is me!

Hello! I’m Kirsten. I have had a couple rough years, that I am putting behind me. I am writing this blog to remind me that life is worth living. I am going to live my life to the fullest with my friends and family. I am going to enjoy the little things, and do what makes me happy.  I also want to share my life with those who may need to hear this message too. We are not dead yet!!!!!

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