Stitch Fix

So some friends talked me into trying the Stitch Fix. So I have to say that it was really fun. I enjoyed seein what someone else would pick for me. My stylist Marissa actually got my type of style. She looks at the survey of my preferences, and my Pinterest. I’m sure she got a lot of inspiration from my Pinterest since I’m addicted. 

The only negative was that everything I received was a bit pricey. I’m a bargain shopper, so used to fining deals. I’m sure the prices were comparable to the manufacturers price though. I

So I received my Fix! I only kept the blue flowed Finnegan Printed shorts and was on the fence with the Hortense Cutout Detail Knit Top. The rest was totally my style, except the bag. I’m definitely more of a bling girl. The Anchorage Solid Canvas Tote would be perfect for a weekend camping trip though. 

In short, I would definitely recommend Stitch Fix, if you hate shopping, or at a loss on finding your unique style. I’m excited to see what I get next month, and will be happy to share. 

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