Halloween… September Style take 1

Started the Halloween extravaganza. Next to my skull Betsy Johnson, which I had to show, is my first project the Bouquet of Horror! It was super cheap to make, and I love how it turned out.!I bought the squishy eyeballs and base from Wal Mart, the rest was made from stuff I found at the Dollar Tree.

Stitch Fix 2

So I’m really loving this Stitch Fix thing. I only kept 1 thing this time, since I had other clothes that are too similar. The Jeans, Black Dress, and necklace is sent back for free. I kept the Kimono. Love it since it has brown. Will be awesome for fall. Dress I’m not wearing, did not fit my arms, but I loved it. My stylist does get my style. If you’re going through a reinventing phase, like me, this is a really great service. I am so excited to get my box, though I did have to switch it to every other month. That’s the nice thing about it. It is pricy for me, so I can customize how often I get it. You even get a pic with the hubs. I also put one up with his eyes closed, just to be silly.

The Condo!!!!

I’m going to be remodeling my soon to be condo. It’s not to bad, but definitely needs a facelift. My property manager said I should hipsterize it, so stainless steel, woodish floors, and updated fixtures. There are even a few artsy pics of me and the sis in mirrors. Wish I would have taken pics of the kitchen before I removed the doors. It’s so good to have something to focus on. 

Stitch Fix

So some friends talked me into trying the Stitch Fix. So I have to say that it was really fun. I enjoyed seein what someone else would pick for me. My stylist Marissa actually got my type of style. She looks at the survey of my preferences, and my Pinterest. I’m sure she got a lot of inspiration from my Pinterest since I’m addicted. 

The only negative was that everything I received was a bit pricey. I’m a bargain shopper, so used to fining deals. I’m sure the prices were comparable to the manufacturers price though. I

So I received my Fix! I only kept the blue flowed Finnegan Printed shorts and was on the fence with the Hortense Cutout Detail Knit Top. The rest was totally my style, except the bag. I’m definitely more of a bling girl. The Anchorage Solid Canvas Tote would be perfect for a weekend camping trip though. 

In short, I would definitely recommend Stitch Fix, if you hate shopping, or at a loss on finding your unique style. I’m excited to see what I get next month, and will be happy to share. 


So I bought this Lipsense from my cousin Tina. She is raising money to help pay for my little cousin Lenora. So it went on smooth, but very sticky. You need to walk around with your mouth open for about 5 minutes, no matter how rediculous you look. Well you know what they  say… beauty is painful. So here are the before and after lips… The real test will be tonight at Def Leoppard, Poison, and Tesla. Rock on babes!!!!

So pretty impressed! Mid concert…Now at home in my pj’s…

Mostly still on. I definitely recommend the Lipsense!


Several times in your life you reinvent yourself. Sometimes rite of passage changes you, like becoming an adult or becoming a mother. Other times it can be a tragedy, a new job, or an illness. I know I have needed to reinvent myself for a long time. It took tragedy and illnessto finally realize I couldn’t wait any longer. Now I need to find out what I want to be. Most of my writing is about my Jeep, but really it is about my changes as well. I am very excited and scared to change out of my comfort zone. In the end whatever path I take will be the right one to help me grow. Here is the painting process for me baby. It’s like peeling back a onion. Layers and layers. 

Jeep Makover 

I just got a few pics from Matt at Maaco. My Jeep is so cute and purple. Definitely brings joy to my life! Can’t believe how different it looks. She just needed someone to love and care about her. Now she will shine in the sun this summer. #jeeptherapy #maaco

School Shopping Already

As a working parent, I am always looking for ways to save money. Especially when it comes to clothes. My daughter and I went to Rue 21 today. They are closing most of their stores in Utah. It is very sad, but I guess the online stores are beating out the brick and mortar. I have been going to Rue since I was a teenager. That being said…I did monopolize on the great deals. Everything at The District Rue is 70-90% off. Most everything I purchased was under $3.00. The most expensive was $7.59. So you bargain hunters, I would recommend heading over there today. They did still have a good selection on men’s and women’s clothes, but I’m sure it will go fast. Happy Shopping!!!

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